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Astrological gemstones are believed to have all the potency to twist fate in your favor. Those beautiful and colorful glossy objects are conducive to making your life happy and prosperous by bashing aside the negative influence of malefic planets.

The power of astro stones lies in the fact that they emit vibrations which ideally correspond to unique cosmic planets. Read our astro stone section in details to learn more about the benefits of such stones for the various domains of your life. Have you ever wondered how exactly could planets influence your life?

Venus enters Scorpio

Have you ever come across occurrences over which you think, you have no control at all? If yes, then you must know that those occurrences were actually the deeds of certain planets on your birth chart over which you have no control indeed. However, if you are made aware of your astral aspects beforehand, you could steer clear of many impending mishaps and move towards fortune and good luck. Pisces Feb 19 — Mar Your Weekly Horoscope Getting the jitters about finding out how the week will play out for you?

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Your Monthly Horoscope

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